Mexican Airports of Entry and Exit

(Excerpt from Mexico IFIM, April 1999)

To enter Mexican territory, foreign civil aircraft destined exclusively for private use must fulfill the following requirements and be in accordance with Circular TAI-FAL Number 1, dated April 20,1990:

a. Jet or turbine aircraft must use, for the entry and departure of Mexico, any of the following airports:

Acapulco, GRO; Aguascalientes, AGS; Cancun, QR; Campeche, CAMP; Cozumel, QR; Ciudad Acuña, COAH; Ciudad Juarez, CHIH; Bahias de Huatulco, OAX; Guadalajara, JAL; Chihuahua, CHIH; Chetumal, QR; Culiacan, SIN; Hermosillo, SON; Guaymas, SON; La Paz, BCS; Leon, GTO; Manzanillo, COL; Matamoros, TAMPS; Mazatlan, SIN; Mexicali, BCN; Mexico City; Merida, YUC; Aeropuerto del Norte, Monterrey, NL; Aeropuerto Mariano Escobedo, Monterrey, NL; Loreto, BCS; Nogales, SON; Nuevo Laredo, TAMPS; Piedras Negras, COAH; Puerto Vallarta, JAL; San Jose del Cabo, BCS; Tampico, TAMPS; Tapachula, CHIS; Reynosa, TAMPS; Saltillo, COAH; San Felipe, BCN; Tijuana, BCN; Toluca, EDO MEX; Torreon, COAH; Veracruz, VER; Villahermosa, TAB; and Zihuatanejo, GRO.

b. Single-engine or twin-engine aircraft can use (for entry or departure from Mexico one of the following international airports only:)

Northern zone (for flights to or from the northern border of Mexico): Tijuana, BCN; Mexicali, BCN; Nogales, SON; Hermosillo, SON; Ciudad Juarez, CHIH; Ciudad Acuña, COAH; Piedras Negras, COAH; Nuevo Laredo, TAMPS; Reynosa, TAMPS; Matamoros, TAMPS; Ensenada, BCN; San Jose del Cabo, BCS; San Felipe, BCN; Loreto, BCS; Aeropuerto del Norte, Monterrey, NL; Aeropuerto Mariano Escobedo, Monterrey, NL; Chihuahua, CHIH; and Guaymas, SON.

South /Southeastern Zones (for flights to or from the south/southeastern borders of Mexico): Bahias de Huatulco, OAX; Tapachula, CHIS; Chetumal, QR; Cozumel, QR; Cancun, QR; Merida, YUC; and Campeche, CAMP.